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Meet the four remarkable female leaders who bring their dynamic expertise and a bold vision for a future where African innovators will solve African problems. When we merge our feminine values of empathy, inclusion and imagination with the masculine values of analytical thinking, resilience and dominance, a catalytic force is created.
We call it Nova Ideation.

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Nova from the Latin word “Novus”

Meaning new

Nova is also a term in astronomy given to bright stars that appear suddenly in the sky and release powerful energy

We believe that our Innovators represent the New and by  bringing them together to collaborate with other evolved investors, mentors and companies we can start to see something powerful coming out of Africa and being taken to the world.


Our graphics are AI generated with a specific brief:

What if Wakanda were a reality in Africa, what would the people feel about themselves?


Even AI believes that Africa can be magnetic, charismatic, captivating, futuristic, cutting-edge and revolutionary! Now we just need to get everyone else to feel it.


Nova Ideation is how we start to rewrite the African narrative to one that nobody thought possible before

Image by Johny Goerend

"A healthy disregard for the impossible is the only way to change the world"

Our founders have applied their unique perspectives, dynamic expertise and capital into creating these hybrid innovations to answer the biggest challenges society faces today.


As an evolved  investor, you are constantly searching for opportunities that can generate significant returns while also contributing to positive societal change.


This is your opportunity to get behind impact driven; potential unicorn tech solutions born in Africa.

Join us as a network partner, mentor or investor 

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