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We empower the most magnetic founders, solving African problems, to change the world for good.


CHALLENGE: 66% Unemployement in South Africa - the highest in our history!

The Spotter is helping to increase employment opportunities through internships. SMME’s are failing dismally. The only way to get young people confident and skilled is to find valuable Internships to provide work experience that will provide both money and opportunity to learn. 


We are working with the SETA to match job seekers to entry level jobs, verify them and scale the internship process through our platform.


This verification saves time and creates trust for the employer. It also streamlines and automates the onboarding process, ensuring more people can have access to jobs more easily.

STAGE: Large scale trial

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CHALLENGE: SA women earn between 23% and 35% less than men doing the same job. And with +55% single mothers
this needs to change.

Beauty Revolution started as the largest inclusive beauty festival in South Africa.
It has now evolved to a robust live stream and affiliate marketing tech platform enabling content creators, beauty-wellness-hair entrepreneurs and big beauty brands to connect and make a sizeable addition to their monthly income.


This shared value business model lowers the barrier to entry to commercial opportunities and allows women to make money from their passion points. A hybrid solution driven by purpose + tech to include more women in the economy.

STAGE: Large Scale Trial


CHALLENGE: Mental health affects more that 30% of people in their lifetime in South Africa

Neohance is addressing the greatest mental challenges of our time: Focus and Concentration (ADHD) and Anxiety & Depression, without drugs.


We are pioneering access to Digital Therapeutics (Dx) with holistic self care, the latest content and a community of like minded people that can replace expensive medication often unaffordable to many people in Africa with many side effects too.


A hybrid solution driven by self care + gaming to create better mental well-being.

STAGE: Concept

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CHALLENGE: Breaking the Poverty Premium - whereby the poorest pay more for essential goods and services.

Small Independent African retailers serve the most rural communities. They have less buying power and are subjected to myriad logistical challenges, obstacles and complete isolation... and pass on these expenses to their poorer consumers 

TillSlip connects small independent African retailers to Brands and each other for better efficiencies across the value chain. The solution allows Brands/ Retailers to collaborate and communicate directly with underserved consumers, using real-time data and hyper-targeted marketing. For the first time ever, TillSlip effectively facilitates the re-direction of massive promotional budgets (reserved for modern trade chain stores) to reach these underserved small independent retailers, and their consumers, rewarding both with incentives and shared revenue respectively.


A hybrid patented software and hardware solution using an old school communication medium - the TillSlip - with cutting edge software that uses hyper targeted data to reach consumers who could never have been reached before and connects small retailers to act like chains for better promotions and buying power.

TillSlip is a  new media channel.

STAGE: Large scale trial


CHALLENGE: “In about half of African countries, the out-of-school rate among primary school-age children is less than 10% while it is over 50% for the upper secondary school. This rate is increasing in several countries” UNESCO

Head Start exists to ensure that every child in developing countries can attend school and receive world class education that is accessible and affordable. We envision a world where these children are given the same access to skills and expertise as the rest of the world to ensure that millions of young people can play an active role in a globalized and digital world.

STAGE: Scaling

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Our founders have applied their unique perspectives, dynamic expertise and capital into creating these hybrid innovations to answer the biggest challenges society faces today.


As an evolved  investor, you are constantly searching for opportunities that can generate significant returns while also contributing to positive societal change.


This is your opportunity to get behind impact driven; potential unicorn tech solutions born in Africa.

Join us as a network partner, mentor or investor 

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