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Kanchana Moodliar is a visionary entrepreneur and community leader who is passionate about driving innovation and empowering local founders in Africa who are solving African problems with new business models, fresh thinking, collaboration and tech. With over 2 decades of experience, Kanchana has built a reputation as a skilled global strategist and business humanizer.

She is the founder and CEO of Nova Ideation, a new African innovation hub, which serves as a platform for conscious entrepreneurs to access resources, mentorship, and investment from both local and international investor communities. Her mission is to catalyze the growth of the African hybrid tech ecosystem and unlock its potential by providing the necessary support and infrastructure for conscious founders to succeed.

“I am a tireless purpose advocate and I represent people who are wanting to solve big business and societal challenges that hold Africa back. Together we can drive meaningful change.” 

Her leadership and vision have earned her recognition as a Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South African early on in her career and she continued to be widely respected for her contributions to business and civil society.

Kanchana is a certified yoga instructor, avid meditator and has a deep love for discussions on philosophy and the existential questions humans are pondering.

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Our founders have applied their unique perspectives, dynamic expertise and capital into creating these hybrid innovations.


As an investor, you are constantly searching for opportunities that can generate significant returns while also contributing to societal change.


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